Conflict Resolution Day is October 16

Every year, the third Thursday of October is used to mark Conflict Resolution Day. To celebrate this day, issue #181 of the Blawg Review hosted by Diane Levin of Mediation Channel is published today.  The Blawg Review is a peer-reviewed publication moderated by a different legal blogger each month.  As Diane is an attorney and a mediator, half of the posts in this issue of the Blawg Review relate to conflict resolution, ADR and negotiation.  There is a lot of interesting material so go have a look!


One thought on “Conflict Resolution Day is October 16

  1. Diane Levin

    Arnold, thank you kindly for your support of this edition of Blawg Review, as well as for posting a comment on my blog. What a pleasure to be introduced to you, your work, and your own blog. Welcome to the ADR blogosphere, and a happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

    Best wishes from Boston,

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