What does a transformative mediator NOT do?

Another excerpt from a conversation between Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger, co-originators of the transformative approach to mediation, and Victoria Pynchon, a Los Angeles commercial mediator and litigator.

(Joe Folger): …They don’t provide a neutral case evaluation. Nor do they become a third-party negotiator, pushing one party’s agenda on the other. Nor does the transformative mediator carry messages back and forth between the parties, deliver the “bad news” that an attorney can’t bring herself to convey to her client, or “bang heads together.” Transformative mediators don’t build cases or “depress client expectations.”


One thought on “What does a transformative mediator NOT do?

  1. Vickie Pynchon

    Thanks for picking this up. Joe and Baruch are fundamental to my practice even though, in litigated commercial cases, it has to be slipped under the door or presented in baby steps within the attorneys’ “zone of proximal development,” i.e., close enough to their existing experience that it doesn’t look like something from outer space. Keep up the good work. Nice looking blog with good substantive material.

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