“What is ‘real transformative mediation’?”

A succinct statement by Hugo Prein of the Transformative Mediation Institute in The Netherlands:

[. . .] we are clear about what we think that transformative mediation is and what it is not. For us it is not something spiritual; it is not about a transformative conversion process of an individual; and it is not about restoring harmonious relationships. We adopt Bush & Folger’s definition. For us it is about transformation of the interaction and the communication through which the conflict unfolds. Such a transformation process could include markedly conflictual communication (conflict talk). But when the participants in a mediation become more clear about what they want and what their options are, and when they become more capable of making the decisions that are necessary in the context of their conflict, there will be important shifts in the interaction. If they become better able to take the perspective of the other party, there will also be important shifts in the interaction. Such shifts are what we mean by transformation.