“Transformative Mediation for Divorce: Rising Above the Law and the Settlement”

Dan Simon

The website mediate.com recently published the above-cited article by Dan Simon of St. Paul, Minnesota.  Simon, who was trained as a facilitative mediator, has embraced the transformative approach to mediation in his work on divorces, parenting differences, real estate issues, employment cases, business disputes, and neighbor to neighbor conflicts.

The article is excerpted from TRANSFORMATIVE MEDIATION: A SOURCEBOOK – RESOURCES FOR CONFLICT INTERVENTION PRACTITIONERS AND PROGRAMS” (J. P. Folger, R.A.B. Bush, & D. J. Della Noce, eds.), NY: Association for Conflict Resolution & Institute for the Study of Conflict Resolution, 2010.  It can be ordered online right here.

To read Simon’s complete chapter in the Sourcebook, click here.  Here is Part 1 of an interview with Dan about his transformative practice that appeared on YouTube a couple of years ago.  And here is Part 2 and Part 3.   here.