Transformative Mediators Establish Network in Quebec

John Peter Weldon

John Peter Weldon is a Quebec-based Certified Transformative Mediator™, lawyer, and trainer for the Continuing Legal Education Service of the Quebec Bar (Le Barreau du Québec).  He recently announced the creation of the Réseau pour une approche transformative du conflit (Network for a Transformative Approach to Conflict).  The network numbers 50 predominantly French-speaking professionals, among whom are  mediators, labour arbitrators and conciliators, HR directors and consultants, management and union representatives, workplace bullying investigators, collaborative lawyers, law professors, an ombuds, a retired judge, and the vice-dean of a medical school.  All have received basic training in transformative mediation and have chosen to nurture and develop a transformative dimension to their practice.

From the news release announcing the establishment of the Network:

Based on the values of co-development, mutual support, and outreach, the new network is slated to play a major part in helping to make the transformative option available in the French-speaking world, not only in Canada, but also in France, where mediator and trainer Marianne Souquet has become the network’s first overseas partner.

[The Network’s objective is to begin]  to provide the critical mass necessary to support the public’s freedom to choose the type of professional best suited to help them through a conflict (emphasis in original).

A tip of the hat to John Peter for this important initiative and best wishes for the success of this Network.