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Statistics on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)


Mediate.com Recognized for Excellence as Problem Solver

The American Bar Association (ABA) has announced that mediate.com is the recipient of its 2010 Lawyer as Problem Solver Award.

In granting this prestigious award, the ABA stated:

Mediate.com has been at the forefront of making the power of the Internet accessible to lawyers, mediators and dispute resolution practitioners. Mediate.com has been developing digital products and resources that have advanced the presence and depth of the field of dispute resolution in immeasurable ways and fundamentally altered the practice of mediation by making online strategies practical and available.

Mediate.com offers the field one of the most used information resources, replete with blogs, cutting edge articles, news of mediation and negotiation practice, as well as a place for interactive dialogue. The website is a practical tool for practitioners and helps them become more effective problem solvers.

“Mediate.com applies the technology of the internet directly to lawyers and dispute resolution practitioners. The founders of Mediate.com had the foresight to see the importance and applications of the Internet and bring them to bear on a developing field of practice. This groundbreaking website has given tools and resources to the public and to ADR professionals to do their own problem solving in virtually every field of law.

Hear, hear!

‘The Magic of Mediation’

In the mediation literature and among mediators, one often hears the expression, ‘the magic of mediation’ (German-language website).  It’s a fuzzy term, in my view, that is used to explain what for many otherwise seems to defy explanation — the seemingly surprising shifts that take place in mediation sessions when parties who have been adversarial suddenly start to work together to resolve their differences.

For me, what is going on is neither inexplicable nor surprising.  I look on the parties’ interaction in the mediation room in two ways: Continue reading